• beardedgod 5w

    Untouched heart

    Deep inside me,
    Lies that energy in heart,
    That has not been explored,
    For its a magical powered,
    It radiates,
    The true frequencies,
    In sequence,
    That heart to resonate,
    Not yet found,
    For the mind is all round,
    Fear to face that is hidden,
    Revealed in a garden,
    On a full Moonlight,
    For the heart bleeds light,
    Loosing that is not you will occur,
    Leaving no scar,
    That pain felt deeper,
    But new you be better,
    Hatred may pop,
    Fuelling teardrop,
    With that reflection,
    Through love connection,
    I aint that which you may be aware,
    In darkness i have mastered to stare,
    For that which you are not am aware,
    That indoctrination truly i swear,
    For that which you are is asleep,
    Waiting for you to wake,
    And Be!
    See you are human BEing..