• lady_midnight 35w

    Yesternight, I sat at the terrace, staring at the same black sky listening to songs which had been long rooted in my veins. There were no stars crashing, no moon ruling and no waves calling. Just me with howling winds resonating what my heart couldn't beat.

    There is something so serene about chaos when it is mingled with the silence of night. When the blood is raging and silence is cooing. When violins hurt your ears but the crunch of leaves is soothing. When your eyes are blind but your skin is alive.

    It is in this chaotic silence, an insane like me lingers, answering the wilderness within.

    Tonight, the sky is as same as the caterpillar in metamorphosis. The cocoon of winds enveloping the thin blanket of dark is strong. A drizzle of rain trickles down my face. I watch fascinated how quickly the cocoon breaks and a star flies. The night is still as I float like an insomniac in the storm.

    - Jessica

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