• robwjeter 5w

    To cleave my heart in two with the words spoken.
    Needing time to forgive, heart broken.
    Silence, now, is the only way I can heal.
    Why did you say those things, what is your deal?

    To cleave my heart in two by actions done.
    You knew better, and now the tears do run.
    Now, trust can only come back with showing.
    If you hurt me again, deceit I'll be knowing.

    Cleave my heart in two by ignoring me.
    It's only your face that I wish to see.
    Oh, all of this silence turns into pain.
    Please say something or I'll go insane.

    Cleave my heart in two by blaming me, now.
    It can't all be me, can you care somehow?
    Be responsible for your own actions.
    Because from me there will be no reaction.

    *Written for the Mirakee #cleave challenge.

    Picture credit to owner. #ceesreposts

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    Cleave My Heart