• madisonhavilah 10w

    Matched Souls

    When we are worlds apart
    I hold you in my heart
    Until i can hold you in my arms
    Once again

    You showed me a safety i knew not before
    Held close to you
    Our heartbeats, matched in rythm soar
    Our souls dancing with the moon

    Beyond life's quarrels, qualms and strifes
    Our minds wander
    To thoughts past mediocrity
    To what dwells in dreams undreamt
    Until we dared to dream

    Dreams for ourselves
    Dreams for each other
    And the dreams that we could create

    The construction of a reality
    In which we could inscribe
    The very limits of our imaginations
    That were nonexistent
    Much like the bounds of
    Possibilities of our dreams
    And our capabilities of reaching
    and succeeding them