• tubelight_thoughts 5w

    Blinded by the feelings of hopelessness, ignorance and self hatred for being weak, a suicidal person sees death as a solution to their problems. It was a hard journey wishing and seeking for an alternative to suicide and have found no answer. A suicide person may not ask for help but it does not mean that help is not need. A suicidal person person take their own life but it does not mean they want to die. They just want the pain to stop. A suicidal person may be depressed, hopeless and self loathing but they are never insane. Do not blame for their weakness but help them to fight the world. Your help could overcome suicide. Creating awareness to prevent suicide would not instigate a person to commit suicide. Be a change and save life.

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    I wanted the pain to stop. I couldn't find any other ways than to take my life. But I was wrong, there were ways I could make the pain stop.