• anoushkalal 31w

    Timid girl

    So... hey,its me world. Right now for you a lot is going on.I know you are scared of me and you hate me.Your school ended.And college is happening soon.Everyone you see around is pulling you down.You there.Is with no confidence and i know that!!
    I wish I could tell you that things are going to get better soon, and that things will never be awful for me and you again. But I won’t lie to you; life will be more unfair and harder for you.
    You will have experiences.
    But am not that bad you gonecase!!
    You will be just fine.
    Just breathe.
    I will not say let go beacuse its not that easy to avoid.
    Face them.
    Your perpetual optimism. Show it here!!
    Trust me nothing comes that easy girl.
    Work hard for it.
    Who knows maybe something happens which has long been desired by you.
    @anoushka lal