• zaesha 5w

    Death Note.

    Why did you made your mind so restricted for a reason or many reasons?
    If you are fighting depression as if fighting yourself

    Better make some physical and mindful efforts.
    Seek any source that motivates you
    Try God because the one who have created you is bound to fulfill your needs, you just have to ask and receive with open heart.
    Don't say that he doesn't listens because you are so lazy to make such efforts.

    Things that comes faster goes faster, have patience, courage & be strong.

    there is no reason to make yourself feel guilty for what you did in the past; that is taking the best of you, you don't even know what you can become, how many souls you can save.

    You don't deserve this behaviour from anyone else, then why are you making yourself suffer?

    You aren't just restricting your mind but your future too. Then don't say for what I thought is happening now, I should've died earlier.

    It is easier to die and hard to survive.

    You are not a loser and you can win this battle too just like the other battles you had. Even if they were small or big or within yourself or with someone else.

    If you think that you are right or you haven't seen the world enough. If that is the case, then you should live because there are many beautiful things to explore.

    Open up, not to a person because they can't fulfill each and every desire of yours because they are human beings as well.

    Open up with God and don't stay alone because evil works faster and Negativity breeds negativity for what a person is filled with will flow, so fill yourself with good things.

    Things which makes you want to live. I see, you don't want to but what is filled within you will flow as well. Why are you filling yourself with a death wish. Haven't you felt what I said in the previous paragraph or you just read but didn't focused because you are so dedicated to die.

    No, don't argue and don't ignore because if you've chose to do so then you've chosen your fate.

    But what if there is something greater on the other side, something which wants you to own it, Something that you deserve.

    How can you be the best version of yourself when you haven't faced the worse and if you don't want to feel it as a worse condition then think more to face it and pass through it and learn from it rather than die in it.

    You are not a loser or a coward, believe me.

    Don't say that you don't have a choice.
    Expand your imaginary world by seeking and implementing from the word of God.

    Make it a reality, everything is possible with Jesus Christ just be strong and have courage.

    Don't be afraid because there is no medicine like love, if you've hurt from within and that your soul is injured, seek him.

    Don't depend on others, you know why, right?

    Every problem has an escape
    Life is short, don't make it more shorter.