• saimkhan107 33w

    How could I do it?
    To leave her in the dark alone,
    Trapped between
    The hollowness of time, and the fear of solitude.
    A cliff I were to bridge, for her to cross over,
    Those emeralds that I wettened, gazing for my sight,
    Taunted by the singing clock, and the screeching of the wheels,
    When she waited, scared, for me to come,
    She ruffled her fingers, and her lower lip trembled,
    Cuffed by Cronus, she prayed, shivered,
    That the next feet be mine,
    That I clasp her in my arms,
    But all she saw,
    Were beasts with eyeballs all over,
    With thoughts uncanny enough
    To kill a spirit. All my vows that seemed folly.
    Embedded with her trust, that I had shaken.
    My eyelids fall over, as my tears reek of guilt.
    I'm sorry my Aphrodite.
    For an hour I halved to hurt you today.

    - Saim Khan