• poetically_obsessed 5w

    Half Past Three

    "Half past three.."

    Half past three?

    It was two in the morning
    She was all that he could see
    He saw the rotting monster
    That was underneath the sea,

    The sea?

    "The sea.."

    It could only mean...
    Half past three..

    Half past three!

    It was three in the morning
    And a monster he would be
    Awaiting the arrival
    Of something surely mean
    He covered his eyes,
    Shut his mouth
    And heard the blood-curdling screams of the
    Half past three!

    "Half past three...?"
    "It's half past three.."

    He was found in the morning rotting underneath a tree.

    Half past three..
    "Half past three..?"

    It was 9 in the morning and discovered he would be,
    By a little young lady and a mother
    Weak and frail.
    They heard a little whisper,that caused the girl to yell!

    "Half past three.."
    "Hãłf pâ§ţ ťhŕęə!!!!"
    "Is when he will be stuck,rotting underneath the sea!!"