• stanley_amour 5w

    Dedicated to the people we know we won't see again but feel forever.....

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    That matters and that helps...


    Its not why they left,
    That we can ask ourselves.

    It is what they left,
    That matters and that helps.

    Helps not the strife,
    That came with their last breath.

    What matters are the lives,
    That they called their eternal wealth.

    Helps not the tears,
    That we all will shed forever.

    What matters are the smiles,
    That they weaved by their endeavor.

    Helps not the emptiness,
    That their better half will walk with.

    What matters are the memories,
    That we all can help them cherish.

    Helps not the moment,
    That unroofed their saplings.

    What matters are their efforts,
    That will make a tree of those seedlings.

    Helps not the questions,
    That we can't seek with them anymore.

    What matters are the answers,
    That they helped us find and explore.

    Helps not the anger,
    That they were taken away.

    What matters is the peace,
    That their soul will find a way.

    Helps not these words,
    That might soothe the ears,

    What matters is the love,
    That they left as a souvenir.