• simranyonzon 9w

    Just Stay

    Say what you want but don't say you are leaving. I hope this summer breeze lasts more than the seasons. Will you write letter to me when you are far away or can you stay with me instead of leaving. I cannot keep you as a stranger and I cannot keep on hiding my feelings. I'm waiting for all the time to pass by. I'm waiting for you. We can stay young and wild, together and forever. I want to keep on calling your name, every morning and every night. Better than birds of a feather, you and me. We are in this together. I will follow you through the darkest night until we see sunrise. Let's break some typical rules and make everything worth it. You're like the medicine when I'm sick and tired of this world. I don't get suffocated around you. I feel free. Like I am finally breathing. I know what I want and that's you. No, I can't sugar-coat it. I hate the feeling of being away from you. We don't fake it till we make it. We fight every battle in life and we grow through it. We got so much on our plate and all we own is our love. I'm not wasting my time on someone else because spending my time on you is worth than billions of cash. I can drink beer like it's champagne with you. You're the one thing that I can always count on and it's a sure thing. That's no sweet little lies. Just stay and don't say you are leaving. I don't want you to go.