• rwin_kah 6w


    A parasitic existence consuming everything
    Until she consumes herself
    With raw emotion fueling her appetite
    The only species hell bent on self extermination
    Division, Separatism, discrimination
    Tools and excuses to chase her own tail
    The most accurate representation of the uroboros
    Never have I ever
    Witnessed a species treat itself like a cancer
    seeking self preservation to the point
    Her own extermination is her final answer
    The only parasites that rush to cannibalism
    Rejoices at the cuts and bruises it inflicts on itself
    Drinking till drunk her own blood
    Bathing in her own blood claiming glory
    Cutting her limbs and declaring victory
    A psyche riddled with insanity
    Displaying unprecedented disunity and savagery
    I despise humanity