• tremblingwarrior 50w

    I’ve stumbled into the house
    of lost souls
    and I’ve found myself upon
    a swarm of beggars
    perspiring immiscible love
    and the stench of
    self neglectful hair
    Dim red lights streaking
    curious painted brows
    abandon rock glasses
    Chipped finger nails
    tracing circles around rims
    poison drenched lip stick
    marking the noose of men
    Eyes worn by life
    The breath of barrels
    exhaling ear muffs of comfort
    Chivalry with intent &
    indebted smiles
    Creaking doors swing
    a claiming song
    Bouts of synthetic laughter
    clanking bottles
    another photo printed
    Engraved in wide plank floors
    the black guck of regulars
    Amidst the howlers
    In the house of lost souls
    Dissonance between where
    they end and I begin