• shatabdi_gautam 5w

    I'm so blessed
    I'm so glad,
    To have you in my life.
    May God give you long life
    May you reach every success,
    Don't worry I'm always with you.
    Love you so much,
    which I can't explain.
    Happy Birthday Hubby.

    Thanks a lot Maa(mother in law) and Baba(father in law) gifting me the best precious one♥️

    You are my inspiration my happiness my existence ❣️

    @gautam_shatabdi ��������

    #happy_birthday #hubby #gaupriya #shatabdi_gautam

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    Happy Birthday

    Today is the precious day
    When God gifted a unrivaled man,
    Who is the heartbeat of his family
    And happiness of my life.
    May this day come again and again,
    And my hubby stay happy always.
    Happy Birthday Hubby