• coruscate 3w

    Knock knock!!

    Knock knock!!
    Why are you feeling sad?
    Coz' I didn't let you know why am so
    I'll let you know
    When the time is favourable for us,
    Let this year pass
    For let me feel you that images,
    Which we clicked for memories,
    Now worth it,
    I replaced my regular smiles with those rare cries,
    But it lets me forget it,
    To live in you,
    I have the hopes for the impossible,
    Come with me and then have them all,
    Time will ask it's importance,
    But let us assume we'll have it too little,
    But large,
    And let's start living those moments which, were just dreams in past.

    Ps:. I wasn't in mood for the rhymes����

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