• jamareewritespoems 23w

    "Truthful words may hurt but they're definitely Necessary,
    I'm overly dedicated I'm far from the Ordinary,
    We should be uplifting each other instead of praying on our Downfalls,
    How are you going to react when life throws you Curveballs?,
    Are you going to falter and fall by the Wayside?
    Or are you going to knock down your fears and stand tall with Pride?,
    Well whatever one you choose hopefully youll be able to live with your Decision,
    And move through life and navigate with Precision,
    The goal in life is to always to be in the position of Winning,
    As we realize that you were given strength to push through since the Beginning,
    Steady moving and grinding to get where we want to Be,
    It's even harder to do when you dont believe in Me,
    But it's okay as that makes the journey all the more worth It,
    You're built and ready for this and your all more Fit ..."