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    There is a little girl inside every woman
    Who yearns to break free
    She wants to spread her wings and fly
    But instead, she is kept in a cage
    Because the grown up in her is shy

    She is told she'll look like a fool
    We are living in a world where being real
    Is masked by the act of "being cool"
    She laughs at that, she doesn't understand
    Why won't we just let go of her hand?
    Why is the opinion of the world such a big deal?

    There's a little boy inside every man
    He wants to be told the truth
    That it's okay for him to be scared at times
    Tell him it's okay to shed a tear, no need to lie
    He doesn't want to hear "boys don't cry"

    He isn't defined by the sports he plays
    Or the weights that he can carry
    He isn't defined by his video games score,
    Or the comics he reads, nor the action movies.
    He is neither defined by the girl he dates,
    Nor the one he chooses to marry.

    There's a little child inside each of you
    All they want is to not be forgotten,
    To be loved for who they are.
    To not be hidden, caged or tamed
    To be accepted, not to be ashamed.

    Once in a while the little girl in me comes out
    Her unused wings are bent but not broken
    So she spreads her arms up in the air
    And jumps, reaching for the sky.
    Her clumsy feet collide, but she lands back on them.
    I admire myself better when I am her. 

    -Anushya Bernard

    #thingsineversaid #childrensday #poetry @writersnetwork

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