• ruchi_m 9w

    I pack my memories in a suitcase,
    Would you like to know how?
    I take some experiences,
    I stratify them,
    I touch them,
    They feel so warm,
    And I see them for a while.
    Now I keep all those experiences,
    Near the suitcase,
    So that they can be familiar,
    Being close.
    Again I take some sweet memories,
    I make a sweet smile for them,
    They seem a bit sad,
    Because they will be packed.
    Now, I take memories in fragaments,
    Some are bad and some are good,
    I keep them inside the suitcase,
    And set them as to come again.
    I keep experience beside my memories,
    They both talk about my life,
    Sometimes they laugh,
    Sometimes they feel pity for me,
    I watch them,
    And at last...
    I close the suitcase with a tight lock.