• untoldpieces 5w

    I'm sorry...

    I know I was wrong,
    Mistakes from both the sides,
    This wasn't long lasting,
    This relation goin on a high,
    None there to cry,
    It all started with a lie,
    Ended faster than a jet fly,
    Didn't mean to break your trust,
    As they say, killed by my own rust,
    A sorry can't fix this, it's a must,
    I said all that for your good,
    Unfortunately it all sounded rude,
    I am sorry, I put your life in interlude,
    Being over protective turned the table,
    My bad, should've held my horses in the stable,
    Happy I should you the true world,
    Didn't expect it to turn back,
    I accept, patience is something I lack,
    You were gone in a jiffy,
    My love being the reason you hate me!