• the_girl_next_door_ 6w

    Be careful what you wish for,
    it might just come true.
    It will sneak behind your back sometimes,
    and may bite you.

    Trust me when I say this,
    you won't like it a bit,
    Decisions can solve problems,
    or leave your throat slit.

    Reasons we all have,
    for everything we do in life.
    But not all are moved by emotions,
    as shown in men with a bloody knife.

    Do everything right,
    these are just examples,
    of if you do not think of everything around you.

    They'll come back and hit you worse.
    Your life, if not for you,
    might be someone else's curse,
    Do you just wanna spend that money,
    lying right there in your purse?

    Do you wanna take that job,
    or book that expensive flight?
    Know your comforts and your luxuries,
    it will make your shoulders light.

    Maybe what I am saying is gibberish,
    or words of wisdom?

    All I had know,
    is that I had time,
    and I decided to waste it.