• jmichaelpoetry 9w

    What would Christ say
    If he were here
    in our modern day and age

    Would he be locked up
    or called insane

    What would he think
    of all the suffering,
    and all the pain

    Of the corporations
    Fueled by greed
    For monetary gains

    The wealthy ministers
    Fleecing their sheep
    Buying their own private planes

    What kind of man
    would be chosen
    in this modern day and age

    To be an apostle
    of pure blind Faith

    Would it be the addict
    living a life of shame

    Would it be the liar and the thief
    in their treacherous ways

    Would it be the homeless man
    whom society deemed
    a waste of space

    Would he deem mankind
    an utter disgrace

    Worshipping idols
    that have no place
    So many lost and of little faith

    If he were to ask... 
    Would you take his place.....

    Jeffery M Egenlauf
    ®J. Michael Poetry