• ripped_soul 24w

    Uploaded a picture to his status,
    Is that good?? He asked doubtfully...

    Yea good, not bad! she answered,
    Status was removed in fraction of seconds,
    A screenshot got addded to her gallery
    Within those fractions of seconds!!

    Little did he know,
    She was not the person
    To ask suggestions for
    He would always look good in her eyes
    inspite of those,
    messy hairs and sleepy eyes!!

    For She loved him for the way he is,
    For that innocence hidden behind
    Those sleepy eyes,
    For that love sneaking through
    Those timid smiles,
    For those messy hair which reminds
    her of his childhood!!

    She loved him,
    Not for those fancy posed photographs...
    But for the way he is..