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    Accio my darling Potterheads!
    This month I’m planning a letter a day for our HP characters. Let me know which ones you’d like. (Except the trio).
    Share this with your Fellow Potterheads and please let me know.

    #TBP_HP #HP_month #LettersUndelivered #HP #PotterHead #writersnetwork #readwriteunite.

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    #HPMonth #1. Sorting Hat

    Dear Sorting Hat,

    When I first started my journey to Hogwarts with Harry, wondering at the marvels of Hogwarts, I met you.
    You were the first one who knew all the wide-eyed First years inside out.
    You heard them. You knew them. You knew where you’d place them, yet you still gave them a choice.
    You gave them a place where they would belong.
    Your songs made me smile and ponder at the same time.
    I remember how I sat for nights imagining where you’d place me.
    Still, you’d give me a place where I’d belong, wouldn’t you?

    Still marvelling at your wisdom,
    The girl waiting for the letter.