• advocate 30w


    The woman let the cold water violently attack her face as she opened the shower, letting the water run down her body. Releasing her neatly tied hair comb, she opened the shampoo bottle and forced the liquid on her hand.

    The only thing she wanted right now was to pass out. It was truly the longest day she had had in weeks and she had been up for the whole night. The process of "healing", as she called it, was a big deal and not a game.

    Washing off the snow-white soap off of her hair, the woman spread the milk-scented body soap on her ebony skin, quite faster and more nervously than before. But again, an act of calmness couldn't be ruined by any year-long day.

    She was now relaxed. The final drops of water landed on to the ground and she switched the fountain off. She cut the water and there was finally silence.

    How refreshing.

    His screams couldn't be heard anymore.