• nishitha 37w

    "Love isn't temporary, it's meant to be forever."

    "All that matters in the end is just you, yourself". No matter what people say at this point of time, it is obvious that they WILL leave you at the end. We come across people who promise not to let go of our hands and to love us forever. But people break these promises so many times that forever has just become a lie. Everyone has forgotten that promises are meant to be fulfilled and not to be broken. So many people have been hurt of all the broken promises that when you ask them about love, they can only tell you about heartbreaks. It's true that people change but feelings never do. They may fade away for a while from the heart but are eventually going to come back. They WILL remain the same, forever. Well, is it that hard to be loyal to the same person forever? It just depends on the person himself/herself. The only thing that needs to be known is that love isn't simple. It's not just about saying I Love You and then leaving after being tired and bored of the person. Words are bound to dry out in conversations or minor hiccups will arise in the relationship but that doesn't mean it's time to leave and let go. It's about understanding the person at those moments, to be the wall of the relationship so as not to let it break down.
    If one confesses about love to another, it should be forever and not just for a span of time.