• aantonsan 5w

    A Happy Family

    Once upon a time there was a family, a three membered family, a nuclear family. A Father, a mother and a daughter, all they wanted was a peaceful life, they were so happy with so little they have. The daughter was the only jewel those parents could afford and the daughter felt so blessed of having such wonderful parents.

    But happiness doesn't last long, it was her birthday, her parents were out, she was alone in the house. Suddenly, the door bell rang, she ran towards the door, thinking it might be her parents but it was a familiar face but not her parents, a person from the neighbour, he pushed her in before understanding a thing he was doing something which was uncomfortable, painful. She was trying to stop it, but all her efforts failed, he hit her with something big, everything got dark.

    It's been few months after this incident, they're happy again because all they wanted was to be with each other.

    After a few months of effort those parents failed to find the criminal out and they choose to suicide, now they're together, the father, the mother and their daughter, staring at the him, in the room, wherever he goes, whatever he do, they're staring...