• pen_of_mks 5w

    The Same Old Tale

    Tell me again the same old tale,
    Where there was a king who had a queen,
    living happily in a towering white snowed castle.
    The kingdom prospered, while gardens bloomed.
    The same old tale of fate, friendship and frolic,
    where even though dark clouds gathered around,
    schemes and plots ran in evil minds,
    Battles were faught, wars were won.
    Yet the good and truth became victorious.
    Enemies were conquered, conspiracies shattered,
    Foes shook hands, Kismet came full circle,
    and all lived happily ever after in the tale.

    The heart feels content to hear
    a story with a happy end,
    Where you can see how with
    fate and time are all wounds mend.
    I hope it was all true in the world out here,
    where it's not just scars or bruise that one wear.
    I hope that every story that began
    'once upon a time'
    would all end up in
    'happily ever after'.