• bjorn4christ 6w


    There's no such thing as fake love loyalty friends or family. As you wake up and breathe as you leave and live your life you realize. Where the Real Lies lay.

    You go through your day and you see and no real love. They can make you feel that they love you but there's a difference between loyalty and lust. Love will rush to your Aid through broken glass and hurricanes.

    Lust will rust and make you feel ashamed and to never last, well it's going through your brain you think it's your heart but feelings change. Like an old car sometimes it starts and sometimes it doesn't but True love lasts through the hands of time to Eternity. Fake loyalty last until they turn on you. I wish everyone believed what I did feel like I said he is always it's okay.

    You just don't have to earn your way you just believe and real loyalty real love real friends and real family will be there. It may not seem like it now but you are truly loved buy a real love I am real father if you believe that is in heaven.

    It may not be popular but there's nothing stopping me from sharing it. For the Lord does say I prepare the way for you. All you have to do is hear it and believe it and receive it.

    For real love doesn't come easy that take loyalty always is not in the good way so I pray did you receive and accept true love in your heart and forget the faith loyalty of this world. For fake people might have your bloodline.

    But is for me and mine the only blood I truly am concerned with is the one that was shed on the cross. For you if you are lost it's the only way to be found. So don't drown in your sorrow I feeling like there's nobody there and all there is is fakeness around you. Because I have a real God who loves you and if you accept him and put no one else above. It will take you further than you would ever know and you will have real truth instead of fake lies. Much love my people. God's got this.