• gladiator001 11w

    Human disaster

    The toes are crossed in agony,
    The heels have cracks far worse
    than that of a parched land,
    The blood has stopped long ago,
    only the pain has nowhere to go;
    The eyes only wander in what they see,
    The vision is blurred from the diversion of looks,
    The eyes have dried but they never cried,
    The existence is reciprocal to hell,
    The stale food satisfies the hunger,
    The appetite is the only constant goal,
    They can only take what they can get,
    Everything is else is just to forget;
    With the sky as the only roof ever known,
    The skin is the blanket for the weak soul,
    The torment will never recede and never lapse,
    The old habits of the destitution that always stays,
    Chaos is the only home to reside in,
    Never felt the light of the yellow moon,
    never understood the rising and the setting of the sun,
    The fate is like the debris of a corrupted ruin,
    More human than human surviving a primal need,
    Like an animal surviving deep within.