• __po8tri__ 51w

    Why Stay

    He wants me to stay in part of my heart I do.
    But the majority of it is missing you.

    Why do u love me one night and pull away the next I try to reach you call you text you over and over again.

    How do you let me in to the deepest part of you only to toss me aside like someone you never knew.

    Silence has a way of messing up love it's deeper then eternity and farther than us.

    What am I supposed to do with a future where your gone I always thought you would be by my side but there is no more us.

    I had l to let go because there was no hope you would have stayed you told me to wait a little longer but you cast me away.

    If you want me to give up then tell me to let you go. Don't hold me here at your side knowing what we had would regrow.

    I did all I knew to do completed all my goals just hoping it wasn't just for me but for us somehow down the road.

    You can't put a time limit on the process of life. I was just hoping me pouring it all out for you would have been enough.

    I'll see u when I see you. And you can laugh at me because I was nothing more than a good lay. In me I feel that's all you see.