• bey5151 10w

    Beginning of the end

    I came just wrapped in a blanket
    I lunged out and got scared and then cried even though many were welcoming.
    I'm weak but there's still a guard.
    I learned from the back that i can only lie down
    I learned from the stomach parallel to the chest Although occasionally my head is raised but the neck is not strong support
    I learned from sitting up to my back upright.
    I learned from my weak legs to running.
    I feel from a finger in my mouth
    I grew from mother to blood.
    I cried because that's my language.
    I laughed because i remember getting to know him.
    Then the season became a witness to every one of my stories.
    And it all passed so quickly
    Much has changed from each piece of the story


    Now I'm staring at the beginning of all forms.
    From a point then move in the form of a line and continue to circle and return to the starting point
    Now I realize that something has not changed coming alone out of the blanket naked I cried
    But now I want to turn my cries into laughter when I put it in a blanket and put it down myself and my greeters turn to leave me.
    I now realize that something has not changed even though the classic story changed face
    What doesn't change is that I keep myself in a lonely realm.