• mermaid_soul11 22w

    Fire Within Me, earth below me, sky above me

    You got to go through pain to get strength, you got to go through tears to get hope, you got to go through scars to get desires, and you got to go through sadness to get happiness gotta keep moving on and ignite that flame that's how I got the Fire Within Me.
    Every day, every moment, every hour, every, second is a risk to take you got to be able to have a full fulling life it's okay to get your feet and your hands dirty I'm not perfect and neither are you so why shouldn't you take that risk because that's how I have earth below me.
    Be optimistic, be passionate, be loved, be cared for, most importantly be you. It's Limitless and timeless it's full of life look up to that sky and see that wonders and if you look closely you will see new adventurous Adventures just waiting to happen you just have to have an open mind and that's why I have sky above me.