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    Dear mushy boy ❤️
    Am sorry it was all my fault
    I Know I have said allot of harsh words to u
    And it's more hurting when it's from the one who is not that kind of stuff
    Am sorry am really very sorry
    But still thanku for understanding me that this is not me who is being Soo crumpy
    I know you are angry pissed frustrated and ye bhi janti Hoon that for a second ye bhi dimag mai aaya hoga ki you should leave my hand it's quite obvious because I did ....
    But am sorry all I wanna say I love you allot and will always .... I can't find such a lovable person like you.... 1013 times hahahahah saying I love you so much ❤️I can't share you with anyone I am over protective about you and will always be you are my priority ❤️ I really can't afford to lose you at any cost I can't see your change towards me I can't bare this ...... All I would say you are the spark of my eyes ❣️
    Dangling pearls of my smile ❤️
    My confidence my strength that shine to my dark lifeyou are different from other wonders ❤️❣️ I don't know what's in my destiny but I can assure you that no one can take your place in my soul ❤️ whether am in the coffin ❣️❣️❣️❣️
    All I ll say in the end no matter what I'll always be there for you and ya whether you scrape me out still some where or other you will find me by your side ❤️
    As for me you are the one whom I can't define ❣️