• emoceans_rundry 9w

    Shades of skin

    When I think about us
    I realize how lucky I am
    You picked my shade to love.

    "Shades of Skin" is a diverse term.
    Meaning your pelreferance when choosing a partner doesnt discriminate.
    You see beauty in almost everyone and everything you see.

    You see past a person's physical attributes & are attracted to they're mind, soul & heart.
    You didnt see my track mark's or scars from self inflicted wounds.

    The broken in me recognized the broken in you.
    Our pain wasnt identical but we were similar in mors ways than not.

    The fear of the unknown with you slowly turned my passion into pain.
    I thought my determination to stay while you battled with your "options" as I sat on your kitchen floor would prove my loyalty and love to you.

    You were never an option to me.
    You were the solution.
    Our shades of skin blended beautifully for the 6 short months we had.

    My third eye to all the shades in the world was opened by you.
    I'm no longer color blind.
    When I think about life without you I see no shade.
    All I see is black.

    When you love something you take care of it
    I thought this time would be diffrent.
    I thought my love for you would overpower my love for drugs.

    I lied to myself & told myself I was changed.
    Lesson learned.
    The only way I can show I love you.
    When I think about life w.o you I see no shade.