• mildrosewrites 10w

    Helpless dooming life

    My nose is on the run, 24/7
    My throat aches, dry with cough
    My lungs are weak , splinted between the virus and rhinitis
    My body helpless, feeling lost

    Red spots all over me
    The itch, when scratched makes me bleed
    My immunity feels low
    Ain't that strange,
    Even after eating diet rich with vitamins C , E & D?

    Ever seen flood causing rains pour in September?
    A sign of destruction!
    A plethora of the virus!
    I must keep myself guarded or else I may lose myself!

    At night I close my eyes watching CSK VS MI
    I wake up to see
    houses submerged ,
    I hear innocent lives pleading for safety, in fear of being drowned
    I feel the anger of GOD , also 2020 has 3 months more of doom

    There's no network since two days
    There's no place to evacuate or means of transport
    There's no communication nor way to drain water
    As I see the multifloored building collapsing , I fear for nature's war
    As I take my immune tablets to safe guard my health
    I fight this virus , I also start hating 2020
    I see people asking for help,
    And my hands numb with cold

    Those eyes with faith of being served
    They haunt me as I feel helpless
    As I see water level increasing and entering my living room
    I see the little dog Bruno swim to save his life

    How shall I keep my self warm?
    How shall I stop this virus in cold from grow
    With 2 sweaters and 2 blankets wrapped along with a monkey cap
    Sipping hot water, Shivering with fever ,
    seeing RCB play, the only source of happiness now,
    Seeing 2020 fly by ,
    This needs to stop , for destruction cannot be a peaceful revenge by nature!