• gorgeousselie 6w


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    I still remember when

    I remember when you were all I could ever want
    I remember when I loved you so much
    I remember all the hugs and kisses
    In sunk into my dreams again
    I remember the way you smelled
    And kissed
    I remember the way you looked up at me
    When you said "what then"
    And then we ended
    But I still remember when
    You'd say you wanted a future together
    And I found it hard to believe
    But then I began to see it too
    It filled me up with joy
    I couldn't believe how lucky I was to love again
    But then it hurt me when you left
    I know not that you never meant it
    So that why you said so little
    And over time
    You said it much less
    Because you didn't want to lie to me again
    You held me in your arms
    That night at prom
    And I felt us connect
    But I guess that was just then
    I thought you were the one
    Like no one else was out there for me but you
    And you left me like it was something you've always wanted to do
    I never felt so deeply saddened
    Until you have given up on us
    Even though I still remember when
    You pulled me close
    And waited for the song to end
    For you to pull me in and give me a kiss
    But I guess that was then
    It hurts that I carry things memories though
    But I still remember alot of things
    But most importantly
    I'm starting to remember the real you
    The one that always let me down
    And didn't care if I got hurt
    The one that only loved me
    When I gave him what he wants
    You pretended like that wasn't what you did
    But you're own guilt
    Couldn't even cover it
    I remember when
    We first tried to make love
    It was hard for me to give it up
    I dreamt of so many ways
    But you pushed against it and
    Convinced me to go all the way
    I knew what I was doing
    I wasn't raped
    But you went in and everything was about to change
    You loved the feeling
    And I wasn't sure I did
    But I decided to keep trying
    So we did
    And did it and did it again
    And we finally felt like we got the hang of it
    It felt good
    And I felt close to you
    But maybe I did it for all the wrong reasons
    But you began to take advantage of it
    You be with me to please me
    And have me to please you
    Because now I remember that
    You began to use me
    And you began to lie to me
    You began to lose my trust
    And now you'll begin to lose my love
    Because that's not how you treat the people you love
    So maybe this was never meant to work
    But at least it's something I can use to learn
    What it is I want and don't want
    In the next one
    Even though I still remember when
    We danced in the middle of the park
    At sunset the music from a far
    Looking like idiots
    But I was so in love
    Even though I still remember when
    You'd call me to say goodnight
    Or when you'd be the one to drive me home
    Just to make sure I got there safe
    And the way you hugged me before I went inside my home
    I hate that in my heart I hope it's still you someday