• scaredycat 6w

    Let's go

    Ask me out on Tuesday.
    I'll see you there at nine.
    Arrive with your intentions
    Neatly fluffed and folded,
    We'll Mutually agree,
    we both look fine.
    We'll Shoot the shit
    Till about midnight,
    You'll address your absurd indignities,
    I'll turn nothing's into somethings,
    And perhaps greet you on my knees.
    We'll slice the awkward pauses
    With clouds of smoke and rivers black.
    Then fly away so quick
    Nobody noticed,
    And both decide,
    we won't come back.
    After we part ways,
    We'll sleep alone,
    But not for lack of house and home,
    For because we sleep to dream,
    Completely different dreams,
    With desires that won't be shown.