• devanshi21 5w


    I am a girl
    No one celebrated my birth
    I am a girl
    Some hated me for being on earth!
    I am a symbol of power and love and strength and the whole world!!
    Your existence is all because of a girl!
    Some shutted me down when i tried to write
    But it was god's fault
    Why he gave me that sight?
    Some said i am unpure
    How can you bleed and still not die?
    But it was god's fault
    To not to have babies until periods say hiii
    I am a girl
    Judged on every dress i wear
    And its not god's fault
    That he made some men in flair
    Even my parents never trusted me
    To whom could i expect a hand
    Pride of a family lies in girls vagina
    Everyone made this statement correct
    So many problems we go through but never complain
    And its our fault to take everything in vain!
    She puts everyone first
    Being vulnerable and in pain
    But she is a girl
    Born to fight for everyone
    But to die in strain!!(pain)