• paradoxroutine 26w

    Homeward bound

    I think that I may travel
    Too a land far away
    That once I called my home
    But the journey seems vast
    The trials and trails unrelenting
    But of the task I know I am fit
    I am but a human unknown of no resolve.
    Too aware of their faults and failures.
    I am left to think of a time far beyond me
    When the erasure of life becomes.
    Something just so unrelenting.
    All I want is to hide behind your hands.
    So that I may not see the light of my eyes.
    Yet all I can see.
    All I can see is the whites of the iris'
    Of the ones I've failed.
    Those that have gone blind.
    So I have learned.
    From there never ending loss.
    No shelter for those that,
    Take others under their wings.
    The only comfort you have
    Is the rain, shine, clouds, and sky above.