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    ~Lacuna/Take me back~

    Tons of favours,
    owed from life
    Cause of blaze,
    neglect to rectify.

    Though dirt of weep,
    still keen to last out.
    Take me back where
    my jests were held out.
    My fragments still left somehow,
    Oh! Take me back where
    my pieces left out.

    I was clamped,
    When all this clasped.
    Believing it as a miracle,
    I stood tall in the way of wonders.

    Guessing, To make a crying, chuckle,
    It was engraved to emerge.

    With the fury mountains,
    green chums danced,
    Until blue sky evolved into a beat,
    To make glossy blossom, a star.

    As it arose in a wink!
    My fragments will get into one piece.

    Take me back to that throb,
    I again crave to be more.
    Something is still missing,
    Take me back,
    I crave for more.

    To that fragments of my emotion,
    Take me back to those fragments of my scab,
    Take me back please,
    Take me back!
    -Maulie Kapoor

    Take me back!

    *Is there is something for which you want the universe to take you back in time?
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    If you too have any regrets left, tell me about it.
    No one will judge you here.

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    Something is still missing,
    Take me back,
    Please take me back!

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