• avelhendricks 23w


    We met a year back the day of my birthday. It was a pleasant surprise. We had the same birthday. We were birthday twins, but became more than just that. You met me when I was vulnerable. You were there for me when I was vulnerable. You were my light in the dark when I had no light. You were my birthday twin. We called and texted all day everyday. We would call for hours on end. You would laugh at the way I would get frustrated at games. You made me feel like I was able to do something with myself. You were there at night when I couldn't sleep when I needed someone. Your cute snoring would help me sleep. You were great, and You made me feel Invulnerable..... All you wanted was for me to be happy. All you wanted was to help me. For me to get help. What did I do with this? I hurt you I got mad at you I yelled because I wasn't ready for help. I only did it once and I felt so bad afterwards. I was the bad guy. All you wanted to do was help me when I was vulnerable. I thought it was just a bump in the road, but you felt otherwise. You don't answer your phone so I let you cool off, but when I wake up the next day you must have been still cooling off because you still haven't answered. If I think about it your still cooling off a month after this. Every message I send no reply. Every apology I give no reply. Every tear I she'd for you and yet no reply. You made me vulnerable again more than before. Now I see your face and I'm angry and I get frustrated. WHY WON'T YOU ANSWER ME! It's all I think about when I see you now. I think your the bad guy now. Leaving me here vulnerable and hurt beyond belief. You knew I needed help you knew this would hurt me. So are you the bad guy in this or is it me.... It was our birthday yesterday and I messaged you happy birthday waiting for a reply I wouldn't get. Sitting there waiting just as vulnerable as I was before you, but now your the reason I'm this way. Now your the reason I'm Vulnerable......