• dbeau4u247 10w


    My apologies

    I am writing this letter to you because I was unable to express my feelings straight to your face but now I have a better understanding of what the necessities are and it's my family,

    We shared a lot in life and I had spent a lot of time understanding the length you had proven day to day ,again and again through the years focusing for our future to me. Just know that I've had always acknowledge your strength and your pain and never neglect

    I know that I have not been able to make you feel proud of me these days and I have disappointed you with my disrespectful actions to many times that I can count. sorry to be a burten, sorry if your hurting, but know I will always have your back no matter the situation.

    But, I have realized my mistake now and know if I tell you that I'm good it's only another phase in your head wether you accept it or not. but understand please? My promise to you that I'm Better today is why my head is clear and thinking straight.

    So, I promise you that I will not repeat this kind of behavior again and will do everything that you expect out of me and more.because you guys are more to me then the air i breathe everyday.

    And that will make you proud of me I hope anyways to myself. I'm only here to ask your forgiveness and nothing more and can you give me the opportunity to be myself one your 1st one time adored.And please without the outside opinion of others for once if you can for me. I only consider changing myself for the better always for our family and your well being.