• whitewings 23w

    I broke a heart today.
    With every blink,
    his eyes were screaming,
    "please stay."
    But I walked away.
    I had to.
    I know he's hurting.
    I know he'll cry...
    alone in his room tonight.
    I know he'll replay
    all the days gone by.
    And all those favorite songs of mine.
    But I also know,
    he'll be fine one day.
    It might be hurting him now,
    but soon he'll be okay.
    I couldn't deepen his pain
    with a lie...
    by saying I feel the same.
    I don't have it in me,
    what he's looking for.
    I no more have that love he thinks I do.
    I'm helpless in this.
    Abrading his heart today,
    to save it from shattering later some day.