• alex_june 6w

    The story of the curse of masks

    Mankind is blessed with the superpower of creating masks. It gives them inner strength in difficult situation and also helps them in achieving their goals and desires. So most people have a whole wardrobe of masks for different occasions. These were the best things that could have happened to mankind. However, of late, these masks have been misused and overused which activated the curse associated with them. So nowadays, anyone who uses them extensively without giving a second thought are possessed by it and the mask starts to eat away their true personality and over time takes over the person. Then comes the horrible part, and that is the deep dark void that's left of the person when that mask is removed from them. Because at this point the mask has become their reality and without them you could only find a hollow space staring back at you. Don't you find it bone-chilling? I sure do.