• cmroman_mountainsidechatter 10w

    "Claim What is Yours"

    The sands of time
    that run divine
    granules of chance
    right through my hands
    cannot define
    what's claimed as mine!

    I raise my gaze!
    Stand firm in place!
    For my success
    shall not digress
    in Thine mouth,
    King of excellence!

    Your Word is all
    I need to call
    that which is not, as though it were.
    Your faith in me
    Is all I need
    to bridge the gap from me to her.

    I raise my face
    up to Your throne,
    and I will never stand alone!
    I see the gates;
    My soul is home!
    Your love redeems this heart You own.

    So raise your gaze.
    Stand firm in place!
    The sands of time cannot erase
    What's claimed as yours
    is but, of course,
    nestled in the path of your course.

    Stand tall and long
    hands reaching high
    and shout your praises towards the sky!
    Now clap your hands
    for it is done!
    Embrace your stance,
    God's holy one!

    Claim what is not as though it were
    and bridge the gap! Take bounds over
    what you can't see. Call it to be!
    Claim what is yours
    and be set free!

    Child of The King; prince, princess...

    Our success never digressed
    in the mouth of our King's excellence!