• macho1 5w

    Pit of tears

    I call it river they call it sockets
    I call it water they call it tears
    I call it rushing they call it drops
    Mind listening to the story of inflictions?

    It attack the soul and made it hard
    Fight against the heart and made it sucked
    Meddle in the world of body and made it ached
    The bones are never for once left aside

    Mind felt dejected
    Heart felt rejected
    Thought dig in frustrated
    Tears candle seem melted

    Coming out from the pit of hotness
    Rushing out like closed up taps
    Overcrowded with memories sorrows
    Through every tiny heart holes

    The world seem so wide
    Yet no tiny hole to hide
    From the water that fail to ride
    Far away from this long lost mind

    Confused? Because you never can relate
    Only the gushing water can narrate
    What it's bearer has tolerate
    From the pain pit of poor pure tears