• veloc1ty_ 9w

    Stupid: ✅
    Cheesey: ✅
    Temporary: ❎


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    If my heart could speak, she'd be the only topic it would ever speak on. Coz that's what it has been doing for the past year, going on and on about an angel it saw through my eyes, an angel too good for a mortal where my heart lives.

    If my heart could speak, it would keep blabbering about how love is the only thing that flows through it. No, not blood, but it's her who is pumped in and out through the atria and ventricles. Even the map of my heart reads " Muse city ".

    Each variation of that map has a different image of her, and it's pretty obvious that she looks good in all of them. Each set of heartbeats observed through a sound meter spells out her name. So when it's beating, it's nothing but chanting her name.

    If my heart is allowed to speak even for a minute, it would seem like a minute of advertisement about her or a campaign that's been run in her favour so she keeps getting elected again and again coz my heart can't stand the sight of another girl.

    If my heart could speak, I won't listen to it coz my heart is what they call a rotten egg or a disloyal friend. Although it lives inside my chest, the loyalty it shows is only towards her. And even though it beats regularly, it's not for me but for her. My heart is a leech and I am what they call a suitable host for this parasite of love.