• lab_13 5w


    I fear my young will die in an out of shopping malls.
    Following smoke rings down endless halls
    That pass along your lively hood for advertising so now the youth be without rising. Instead, you'll be looked at, prodded and branded.
    Handbags, makeup, jewels, ice cream, clothes,
    Words to relevant for lack of information,
    Do I need this? Is abandoned.

    This land was made for the barefoot and naked to be roamed and lost for the better part of discovery and adventure the maturity of the mind is determined by what the heart contains after hours of storms and chasing wild rapids. Hide between crests of mountains lost with slamming waves. This is us roaming the plains. We see what is believed to be infinite but finite in time. Do not suppress or depress the mind for quick fixes that leave you behind. The fat geezers counting pennies of spiritual maladies sell you what is already in your back pocket. The way to leave is not in a rocket but behind the eye socket.