• zehrahakeem 11w

    ...and there are times when what we think is what we try to live, positive or negative and then, then the reality hits and it hits hard. Acceptance of it, becomes a toughest task. To get out of your own illusionary world, which was glee and beautiful, to start living the reality which is hard and at times ugly... I try to escape from reality, I create my own world which contains everything that I desire but nevertheless I come back to this place of masks and mazes, to this place of hostility and cruelty but also to a place of love and hope which keeps this place running....

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    To cry or not.
    To lie or not.
    Perplexed she was.
    Acceptance was very heavy on her.
    Whom to blame for all the hurt she caused herself ?
    All the tears, all the thoughts.
    It was all in her head
    yet it seemed like her life was falling apart.
    Your heart, it is too fragile.
    Be careful of what you think because
    there are times when your thoughts hurt your heart.
    Be mindful.