• relatable_arts 10w

    Rainy Days

    When the skies are clouded, grey
    Drowning out the colours, gay
    Yet still I thank God for this day
    It makes me happy in a way

    The clouds role in like one great cover
    Bringing the sound of rugged thunder
    I lean back and sink under
    My blankets, and let my mind wander

    The rain tap taps on the window pane
    A natural rhythm in my brain
    So long as there’s blood in my veins
    I’ll thank God for these rainy days

    The orchestra outside my doors
    Increasing in beauty as the rain pours
    The sudden startle as thunder roars
    Only leaving me craving more

    Then I slip into a quiet slumber
    If this stopped now it’d be a bummer
    Cause’ God knows I love the thunder
    And warm showers in the summer